Slovenian patrol ship departs EUNAVFOR’s Op Sophia

Slovenian patrol ship SNS Triglav departed EUNAVFOR’s Mediterranean operation Sophia and headed home after almost five months of deployment.

The Triglav, when compared to other Op Sophia vessels such as frigates and auxiliary ships, is a relatively small ship crewed by only 34 men and women. EUNAVFOR however said the Slovenian ship performed in the open sea theatre at the same level as the major ships.

These results were highlighted by the EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia Force Commander, Rear Admiral (LH) Andrea Gueglio in his farewell speech to the ship’s crew:

“Whether on patrol, conducting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, participating in training or attending Safety of Life at Sea events, Triglav has built a well-deserved and highly respected reputation for delivering a very professional performance displaying great strength and fierce determination”

In these months the Slovenian crew has saved more than 400 lives conducting 7 rescue operations and has removed 9 vessels from illegal organizations’ availability.

The SNS Triglav was delivered to the Slovenian Navy in 2011 by the Russian shipyard Almaz shipbuilding. Slovenia acquired the ship in exchange for a multi-million dollar debt by Russia. The ship was named after the highest mountain in Slovenia.