First Australian Aegis-equipped Hobart destroyer starts combat system trials

HMAS Hobart. Photo: Lockheed Martin
HMAS Hobart. Photo: Lockheed Martin

Royal Australian Navy’s first Aegis-equipped Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD), HMAS Hobart, has begun integration and testing of the installed combat system.

Testing will be facilitated by Lockheed Martin engineers and technicians who are responsible for testing the Aegis Combat System to ensure the equipment is properly installed and functional.

A computer-based command and decision element forms the core of the AEGIS combat system. This interface, according to the US Navy, makes the AEGIS combat system capable of simultaneous operations against multi-mission threats: anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare.

The Hobart-class destroyers are being built under Australia’s SEA 4000 program, which will ultimately deliver three advanced multirole ships. These ships will be Australia’s first ships to be equipped with Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Weapon System including the SPY-1D(V) radar.

The RAN has received the Lockheed Martin Aegis Baseline 8 configuration, which integrates commercial technology and open architecture into the combat system.

Commodore Craig Bourke, CSC, RAN Program Manager Air Warfare Destroyer, said: “This milestone is a significant step towards an increase in the Royal Australian Navy’s maritime security capabilities through the seamless integration of the Aegis combat system to defend against advanced air, surface and subsurface threats.

“With more than 100 Aegis-equipped ships deployed worldwide, Australia is joining a family of allied nations that continues to push the boundaries of innovation with adaptable and affordable capabilities that meet the warfighter’s multi-mission needs.”