El Camino Español wraps up Eastern Mediterranean deployment

Spanish Navy’s roll-on/roll-off  light transport ship El Camino Español arrived in Cartagena, Spain after a 32-day deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The ship provided logistic support to the ongoing Spanish Army operations in the Lebanon and Turkey.

El Camino Español departed Cartagena March 7 and after a call at Valencia,Spain to load different cargo, vehicles and materiel, she headed towards the Lebanon where Spain is participating in a UN mission (UNIFIL) in that country.

The ship later proceeded to Turkey where Spain is also participating in a NATO operation.

During her transit to and from the theatres of operation, El Camino Español collaborated in the counter-piracy operation Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean.

In Sicily, the transport ship offloaded several containers for the Spanish Air Force mission in Signorella, currently engaged in operation ‘Sophia’ fighting the illegal trafficking of people in the Mediterranean.

The El Camino Español is a transport ship capable of embarking all kind of Army vehicles. The ship belongs to the Spanish Army, but is manned and operated by the Spanish Navy.