Lockheed nets $78.8M for US Navy’s Undersea Warfare Systems work

U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Comand has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract modification for work on the integrated surface ship Undersea Warfare System (USW) systems.

The AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 provides surface warships with an integrated undersea/anti-submarine warfare detection, localization, classification and targeting capability.

The system presents an integrated picture of the acoustic tactical situation by receiving, combining and processing active and passive sonar sensor data from a variety of hull-mounted arrays, towed arrays when installed/deployed, and sonobuoys.

AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 has a continuing development program, using an open system architecture which allows the U.S. Navy to modernize the existing systems by providing contact fusion capabilities, improved data processing performance, and classification improvements.

Under the latest $78,8 million contract, Lockheed Martin will be producing the Technical Insertion 14 baseline of the AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 USW systems. The contract also involves foreign military sales to Japan.

Work on the systems is expected to be completed by May 2018.