US aircraft carrier group ready for deployment

The ships and air wing of the U.S. Navy’s Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group have completed a composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX) in preparation for their future deployment.

COMPTUEX measured the carrier strike group’s ability to perform and respond as an integrated team during simulated scenarios the group may encounter while deployed.

Ike CSG is comprised of CSG-10 staff, Destroyer Squadron 26 staff, aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Carrier Air Wing 3, guided-missile cruisers USS San Jacinto and USS Monterey, and the ships of DESRON 26: guided-missile destroyers USS Stout, USS Roosevelt, USS Mason and USS Nitze.

The Royal Norwegian Navy frigate HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen also participated in the exercise to foster a stronger partnership and integration with the U.S. Navy, and provided the strike group an opportunity to operate with allied forces prior to deploying.

“The team has spent months working together and increasing our readiness to execute our upcoming scheduled deployment,” said Rear Adm. Jesse A. Wilson Jr., Ike CSG commander. “The mentoring and training from Carrier Strike Group 4 challenged us and made us a better and stronger team that I couldn’t be prouder of.”

The completion of COMPTUEX marks the final major training evolution of Ike CSG’s pre-deployment workup cycle.