French frigate ‘Aconit’ joins CTF 152

French Navy frigate Aconit has joined Combined Task Force 152 (CTF 152) whilst carrying out maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf.

CTF 152 is one of three task forces that make up Combined Maritime Forces and is charged with ensuring maritime security and freedom of navigation in the Arabian Gulf.

France is a major contributor to the 31-nation CMF, providing personnel, ships and aircraft on a regular basis. Captain Geoffroy Roussel, French Senior National Representative and the CMF HQ Director of Plans, said: “Having the Aconit’s Commanding and Operations Officers fly in to meet directly with the CTF commanders is an excellent enabler to share understanding, ideas and procedures. This personal dialogue fosters efficient future operations and a closer collaboration between coalition partners.”

Colonel Alaskar, Commander of CTF152, has discussed with Captain Laurent Machard de Gramont how the ship could best assist the Task Force in conducting patrols in the region, acting as a deterrent, and disrupting illegal activities that support terrorism.

CTF 150 also hosted Captain Marchard de Gramont to discuss FS Aconit’s period in support of CTF 150, during which she carried out several boardings.