Spanish Navy ships train for upcoming deployments

Several Spanish Navy ships recently participated in exercise MAR-41 which took place in the Gulf of Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Two Santa María-class frigates, Santa María (F-81) and Reina Sofía (F-84) used the opportunity to prepare for their upcoming deployments to Operation Atalanta and Operation Sophia, respectively.

Other participating units included the frigate Canarias (F-86), the Aegis-equipped Álvaro de Bazán-class frigates Blas de Lezo (F-103) and Cristóbal Colón (F-105).

Additionally, different aircraft from the Spanish Rota Naval Base as well as Marine Corps elements were in charge of providing operational security.

Exercise MAR-41 was intended to maintain and enhance the individual and collective readiness of first line naval units. Captain Ramón Godín, Commander 41st Escort Squadron, commanded the exercise with his staff from the frigate Reina Sofía.