Mexican sail training ship to visit USA

The Mexican Navy tall ship ARM Cuauhtémoc is set to visit New London, USA, May 2 – 6.

The ship set out on a journey that will include stops in 13 countries, including the U.S., Canada and Europe.

A 270-foot (82 meters) barque built in 1982, the Cuauhtémoc serves as a training ship for the Mexican Navy. The vessel, commanded by Capt. Pedro Mata Cervantes, is scheduled to arrive May 2 following a sail training trip that began March 12 in Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico, its homeport.

Before entering the harbor, the Cuauhtémoc will exchange the traditional 21-gun salute with the mobile saluting battery from Submarine Base New London, which will be positioned at Fort Trumbull to render honors. An informal welcoming flotilla is expected to be on hand to greet the ship, followed by a welcoming ceremony at City Pier with a musical greeting from the Coast Guard Band.

The ship will be open for tours while its crew is expected to visit the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Mayor Michael Passero said.

The Mexican Navy will also host a reception for invited guests on board the tall ship.