Canadian Coast Guard to modernize ‘Pierre Radisson’

Swiss-based ABB has received a contract to modernize the 38 year old Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Pierre Radisson.

The cutter will be fitted with hardware and software within the ship’s power distribution system upgrade which will include eight new drives.

ABB said the contract included an option to modernize the other two Coast Guard ships, Des Groseilliers and Amundsen, both of which have clocked up more than 30 years of service.

By attaching sensors to onboard equipment, ABB’s engineers can help diagnose problems on the vessel from shore. This system, known as Remote Diagnostic Service, is known to significantly reduce vessel down time, the Swiss company said. The vessel will also be upgraded with automation hardware and propulsion control software.

Juha Koskela, Managing Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports business unit, said: “When this vessel was constructed in 1978 most of the world was not even aware of the internet. However, by utilizing ABB’s concept of the Internet of Things, Services and People we will bring this vessel up to date. We have had great success in reducing our customer’s vessel downtime and maintenance cost through our Remote Diagnostic Service.”

The vessel’s current power system is in its 38th year of use and the installation of the new drives will allow the Radisson to spend more time at sea.

The CCGS Pierre Radisson currently has an AC/DC Diesel-Electric propulsion system made up of two almost identical independent systems. Each system has a direct current (DC) electric motor connected directly to its propeller. The upgrade will maintain the existing control principles of having 6 AC alternators with rectifiers to supply DC to the motors through DC breakers and contactors.

Design and supply work is scheduled to begin immediately and installation and commissioning is expected to be finished by June 2017.