587 migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea

European naval vessels rescued a total of 587 migrants trying to reach Europe in five unseaworthy boats.

In the morning hours of April 29, a Spanish maritime patrol aircraft spotted the migrants and reported that one of the boats was in poor condition and semi-sunken.

Four ships assigned to EUNAVFOR’s mission to prevent loss of life at sea, code-named operation Sophia, headed to the scene. Two German, one Spanish and one Italian vessel coordinated the rescue mission.

The Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre tasked the Spanish frigate Numancia with coordinating the action.

German FGS Kalsruhe rescued migrants from the sinking boat while the other op Sophia assets each assumed responsibility for one of the rubber boats.

After the rescue operation was completed, migrants saved by ITS Aviere and ESPS Numancia were transferred to the German Navy combat support ship EGV Frankfurt am Main to be transferred ashore.