ECA Group puts new mine-countermeasure vehicle on view

French defense and security company ECA Group recently demonstrated their autonomous underwater vehicle in the harbor of Brest, France.

The A27-M AUV, as the vessel is named, was demonstrated to a number of French and foreign naval officials including representatives of OCCAR.

ECA Group displayed the efficiency of the AUV and its mission management software suite in mine counter measure operations.

The A27-M is the largest autonomous underwater vehicle ECA manufactures. It is designed for MCM detection, classification and localization. According to ECA, the AUV has an endurance of over 35 hours and is fitted with the Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS).

ECA said that the A27-M, as well as the other AUV of the family, is proposed with dedicated launch and recovery system (LARS) allowing automatic underwater recovery from various naval platforms.