FGS Bayern rescues 92 from defect boat

Operation Atalanta’s German Flagship, FGS Bayern, rescued 92 people from a stricken vessel in the Gulf of Aden on April 29, 2016.

The vessel had initially been sighted by the Japanese Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) of Combined Task Force 151 who had noticed it had been in the same position for longer than would be expected.

This was reported to the EU Naval Force and after confirmation of its position FGS Bayern approached the vessel to investigate.

The flagship reached the stricken craft in the evening on April 28 but approached at first light on April 29 due to safety concerns. It was found to have serious engine problems which FGS Bayern’s engineers unsuccessfully attempted to rectify.

FGS Bayern’s Commanding Officer assessed the situation as a SOLAS (Saving Of Life At Sea) case and the passengers were brought onboard the German warship. After liaison with the UNHCR officials in Somalia, it was agreed the passengers would be transported to the port of Bosasso.

Following discussion with the boat’s Captain, the boat was disposed of at sea in order to ensure the safety of other maritime users in the area.