Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier to be sold for scrap

HMS Illustrious. Photo: Royal Navy
HMS Illustrious. Photo: Royal Navy

Great Britain is looking to sell its 2014-decommissioned light aircraft carrier for scrap.

The Ministry of Defence has issued a notice of the potential sale of the HMS Illustrious “for recycling only”.

Illustrious was commissioned into the Royal Navy in December 1977 and has clocked in 32 years of service for the Navy.

Ministry of Defence initially hoped to preserve HMS Illustrious and invited bids from private companies, charities and trusts to secure her future under a condition of sale that HMS Illustrious must remain in the UK.

However, due to the scale of the undertaking, all preservation projects were dropped and the ship is now being sold for scrap.

The departure of Illustrious has left the Royal Navy without an aircraft carrier until the first of  two Queen Elizabeth carriers enters service in 2018.

Illustrious has been replaced as the nation’s helicopter carrier by HMS Ocean whichunderwent a £65m refit.