ESPS Tornado works with Seychelles People’s Defence Force

Spanish offshore patrol vessel ESPS Tornado, currently deployed to Operation Atalanta, recently visited the Seychelles.

During the port visit Spanish sailors co-operated with Seychelles forces.

The training began with theory lessons on board ESPS Tornado and was followed by practical training on Sainte Anne Island, two miles from Port Victoria.

It aimed to provide the Seychelles Force with the capability to reach and recognize different beaches in order to conduct an Amphibious Task Force landing in both peacetime and hostile environments.

Following the practical phase, all participants returned to ESPS Tornado, where they were addressed by the Spanish Unit Commander.

Training with regional partners is an important part of EU Naval Force’s work as it helps to ensure that maritime security can be maintained even when Atalanta warships are not present. Tornado recently also worked with the Malagasy Navy with a focus on boarding operations.