Australian Anzac frigate visits Manila

Australian Anzac frigate visits Manila
The Royal Australian Navy guided missile frigate HMAS Anzac arrives to Manila as part of her current deployment around South-East Asia. Photo: Royal Australian Navy

The lead ship of Royal Australian Navy’s Anzac-class guided missile frigates, HMAS Anzac, will be on a visit to Manila from May 16 to 21, 2016 as part of its current deployment around South-East Asia.

On sailing from Manila, Anzac will exercise with the Philippine Navy’s BRP Rajah Humabon in the waters off the Philippines, conducting passage exercises, ship handling operations and personnel exchanges.

During its South-East Asia deployment Anzac will visit numerous cities and ports and conduct exercises and training with regional navies.

The navy said the port visit to Manila would allow the ship’s company to conduct cultural exchange activities, including sporting events with their Philippines’ Navy counterparts as well as replenishing fuel and stores.

The activities are designed to increase an understanding of each nation’s operational procedures to further enhance interoperability.

HMAS Anzac was the third Anzac-class ship to undergo the Anti Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) upgrade. She completed her upgrade during 2014 and started deployments in March 2015.