Indian Navy ships visit Bahrain during Middle East tour

Indian Naval Ships Delhi, Tarkash and Deepak pulled alongside in Manama as their latest destination on their Middle East tour.

The three ships, a destroyer, a frigate and a tanker, entered the Bahraini capital on May 16.

During the visit, the crew of IN ships will undertake professional interactions with the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) pertaining to nuances of maritime operations, including means of combating maritime terrorism and piracy.

In addition, calls on senior Government and military authorities, sporting and cultural interactions and sharing of best practices, aimed at enhancing cooperation as well as strengthening mutual understanding between the two navies, are also planned. The visiting IN ships are also likely to conduct exercises with the RBNF.

IN ships Delhi, Deepak, Trishul and Tabar last visited Manama in September 2015. A delegation from the Royal Bahrain Naval Force also participated in the recently concluded International Fleet Review at Visakhapatnam, India.

Prior to entering Manama, the Indian naval group visited Dubai and Kuwait on May 7 and 12, respectively.