Spanish, Moroccan Navy conduct MAES-16

One Spanish and one Royal Morocco Navy frigate met in the Gulf of Cadiz to conduct the bilateral exercise MAES-16 from May 4 – 12.

Spanish Santa Maria-class frigate Canarias and Moroccan Sigma-class frigate Allal Ben Abdellah carried out a series of training activities in the Gulf of Cadiz under the command of Captain Ramón Godín, Commander 41st Escort Squadron.

These maneuvers included several exercises at sea and in port aimed at enhancing mutual training and implementing common operational procedures. The port of Cadiz was the scenario of several drills on damage control, fire-fighting and protection of ships while berthed in port.

At sea, the two frigates took part in simulated maritime security and maritime interdiction operations. To this end, the ‘Canarias’ embarked an AB-212 helicopter and a Marine Corps security squad.

MAES-16 activities concluded in the port of Casablanca (Morocco) where an analysis of the exercise was conducted and several protocol ceremonies organized.

Allal Ben Abdellah is the last of three Sigma-class frigates delivered to the Royal Moroccan Navy by Dutch shipbuilder Damen.

The 97.9 meter long ship was delivered to Morocco in March 2012. The other two Sigma frigates, Tarik Ben Ziyad and Sultan Moulay Ismail were delivered to the navy in 2010 and 2011, respectively.