First rescue operation in the Mediterranean for LE Roisin

Irish Navy’s offshore patrol vessel LÉ Róisín has taken part in the first rescue operation in the Mediterranean since it joined the life saving efforts in May 2016.

Following a request from the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre on May 16, the LÉ Róisín successfully located and rescued a total of 125 migrants from a rubber craft located 40 Nautical Miles North East of Tripoli.

LÉ Róisín also rendezvoused with the Italian Naval Vessel ITS Commandante Borsini to receive an additional 240 migrants from ITS Commandante Borsini.

The Irish ship was tasked to bring the migrants to safety in an unspecified port in Sicily, Italy.

The LÉ Róisín departed Naval Service Headquarters in Haulbowline, Cork to assist the Italian Authorities in the humanitarian search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean on May 1. The ship’s search and rescue operations began on May 12, 2016.

Earlier in April, 2016, the Irish government decided it would dedicate three vessels to the rescue missions in the Mediterranean. According to the Irish defense forces, two rotations, involving three naval service vessels deployed, are planed. Each deployment would last approximately 12 weeks.