BMT to deliver 3D training systems for Queen Elizabeth carriers

BAE Systems, the company in charge of the training programme for the Royal Navy’s new class of aircraft carriers, has contracted BMT Defence Services to deliver a new 3D training system for the ships.

BMT said it would utilise its existing training solution, Engage, to develop a 3D walkthrough training system that will support teams working with the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers in Portsmouth, UK.

The Engage platform will form the basis of a 3D environment and allow ships staff, visitors and the BAE Systems employees to move freely around the different compartments of the QEC platforms. This will ensure that they are familiar with the ship’s layout, escape and evacuation routes and are able to identify key pieces of safety equipment. This will form a fundamental part of their training for this new class of ship.

Simon Luck, Head of Information Systems and Information Assurance, said: “We’ve been working on serious gaming and immersive virtual reality technologies for a number of years and as one of the original designers of the QEC, this is a great opportunity to further support our industry partners in the development of a safe, efficient and effective training solution for these iconic ships.”

John Newell, Head of Queen Elizabeth Class Support underlines the additional benefits: “This innovative 3D solution will also have wider utility as these two ships come into service as a key part of the ongoing induction process for new joiners, a useful tool that, when operational, can be forwarded in advance to embarking forces both from the UK and other nations and become a necessary precursor to any international industrial workforce working on these ships worldwide.”