Spanish sail training ship visits Cuba

Spanish Navy training ship Juan Sebastián de Elcano pulled alongside in Havana, Cuba during the ship’s 87th training cruise.

During the port of call at the Cuban capital which started May 11, the Juan Sebastián de Elcano attracted much attention and was visited by nearly 8,000 people in the scheduled open days.

Commanded by Captain Victoriano Gilabert, Juan Sebastián de Elcano is crewed by 23 officers, 23 non-commissioned officers, 140 leading seamen and ratings, and 4 civilians.

The training ship left Havana on May 16 and is currently sailing towards Miami first, and then Baltimore before concluding her cruise at the beginning of July.

The purpose of the latest training Cruise, which started in March 2016, is to contribute to the nautical, military, social and human instruction of Spanish Navy midshipmen (future officers).

With a length of 131 meters and 13 meters wide, the four-masted topsail schooner was appointed Honorary Ambassador of the Marca España in 2009.