Swedish Navy contracts Saab for submarine training and equipment

Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has contracted Saab to deliver advanced anti-submarine warfare training, including the autonomous underwater vehicle AUV62 in training configuration.

The contract comes after a 2014 Letter of Intent (LoI) signed between Saab and FMV, which supports the Swedish Armed Forces’ underwater capabilities for the period 2015-2024. Saab has now received an order for the delivery of advanced anti-submarine warfare training.

The AUV62-AT is designed for cost-efficient training of a navy’s ASW forces. It is an artificial acoustic target that mimics a submarine in a way that is compatible with today’s torpedo- and sonar systems. The system fully replaces the use of a submarine in the role as a maneuvering training target.

The AUV62-AT will be configured for anti-submarine training, and Saab will be responsible for supporting Sweden’s training activities during the entire contract period.

Deliveries will take place during the period 2016-2019.

“For the Swedish Navy this order means that they will have an increased capability and flexibility to practice and train their units in anti-submarine warfare”, says Anne-Marie Vösu, head of Saab’s business unit Underwater Systems.