Indian Navy assists tanker listing off Goa, India

Indian Navy ship ‘Trikand’ and two Coast Guard ships were dispatched to aid MV Infinity I, an asphalt tanker which reported water ingress and continuous listing approximately 20 nautical miles off Goa coast on June 8.

The vessel had reported that the list is increasing despite ship’s de-watering efforts.

The 83 m long vessel was transiting from Kandla port in Gujarat to Karwar, Karnataka when it developed a crack in the hull and started taking in water. She was carrying approximately 1750 tonnes of Asphalt.

INS Trikand from Western Naval Command responded to the call by sending personnel and high speed de-watering pumps to the tanker.

Coast Guard ships Amal and Shoor and a tug from Goa were also dispatched for assistance and another naval ship INS Kondul was placed on standby. Helicopters were also prepared for immediate evacuations should the situation deteriorate, the Navy said.

By early morning on June 9, MV Infinity I could contain flooding with the help of pumps provided by the assisting ships. Although still listing, the ship weighed anchor and is, according to the navy, slowly proceeding to Karwar harbour.