VIDEO: Turkish Navy sinks retired US Navy frigate

A video released by the Turkish Navy shows a retired Turkish frigate, which was formerly a U.S. Navy ship, being sunk by a torpedo during the exercise Beyaz Fırtına (White Storm) held in May 2016.

The video covers the entire exercise spectrum but the moment which shows a Turkish submarine submerging to deploy the torpedo begins at 01:00.

Responsible for the stunning imagery is the Atlas Elektronik-manufactured DM2A4 SeaHake heavyweight torpedo which is considered as one of the most modern and effective heavyweight torpedoes in world.

The torpedo can be launched from both submarines and surface vessels. Because it is controlled via a fibre-optic cable once it is launched, it allows greater accuracy and is more resistant to defensive measures.

TCG Zafer, as the ship was known since 1993 when it was transferred to the Turkish Navy, was formerly a U.S. Navy Knox-class frigate which served as USS Thomas C. Hart since July 1973.