Photo of the day: Australian, New Zealand Navy ships train for RIMPAC

HMA Ships Canberra, Ballarat and Success along with HMNZS Te Kaha operate together off the Queensland coast with the aim of strengthening Task Group operating procedures.
Photo: Commonwealth of Australia

The Royal Australian Navy recently shared photos of an ‘Anzac taskforce’ exercising off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

RNZN’s frigate Te Kaha spent the past week working with an Australian Naval taskforce in preparation for exercise RIMPAC, the world’s largest maritime exercise.

The Anzac taskforce has consisted of HMNZS Te Kaha, HMAS Canberra, HMAS Success and HMAS Ballarat.

Anzac task force ships also conducted advanced Officer of the watch manoeuvres which involved all the ships manoeuvring in close proximity to one another and made for some impressive sights!

HMNZS Te Kaha also used this opportunity to test its Seasprite helicopter, recently bought from RAN, during a cross deck with HMAS Canberra.

The ships subsequently returned to Cairns, Australia to rest before heading to Hawaii.