Fincantieri beats DCNS in Qatari €4 billion shipbuilding mega contract

The Qatari Ministry of Defence has chosen the Italian shipbuilding group Fincantieri over the rival French DCNS for its €4 billion euro national naval acquisition program.

Fincantieri and the Qatari Ministry of Defence signed the contract for the construction of seven new units overall in Rome, Italy on June 16.

Reaching approx. 4 billion euros, the contract envisages the supply of seven surface vessels, of which four corvettes of over 100 meters in length, one amphibious vessel (LPD – Landing Platform Dock), and two patrol vessels (OPV – Offshore Patrol Vessel) as well as support services in Qatar for further 15 years after the delivery of the vessels.

All the units will be entirely built in Italian shipyards starting from 2018, and will take at least six years to complete.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, stated: “This is a day to remember for Fincantieri, because winning the global competition for such a programme was far from easy. With this contract Fincantieri creates a true partnership with the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces, which now position themselves as technologically advanced.”

“We achieved this goal thanks to the support of the “Italian System”, finally responding to the great ambitions of the major national companies, and to the key role played in this deal by our Government and our Navy, that supported us actively until the final closing of the agreement.”

Leonardo-Finmeccanica and MBDA are the other two companies involved in the Qatari contract and will be responsible for the supply of the new naval units’ combat systems.

Leonardo-Finmeccanica will deliver main radars and on-board sensors and defence sub-systems, including 76/62 medium calibre and 30mm small calibre weapon systems, the anti-torpedo protection system and the Thesan mine avoidance sonar which is installed at the bow of the surface units.

MBDA will work on delivering the vessel’s missile systems.