US Navy christens second ‘super-stealth’ destroyer USS Michael Monsoor

The U.S. Navy christened the newest destroyer, USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) on Saturday at the General Dynamics-Bath Iron Works shipyard in Bath, Maine.

The second ship in the Zumwalt-class of destroyers, DDG 1001 is named in honor of Medal of Honor recipient Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor.

The future USS Michael Monsoor includes new technologies and will serve as a multi-mission platform capable of operating as an integral part of naval, joint or combined maritime forces.

The ship features two advanced gun systems firing long-range, land-attack projectiles that reach up to 63 nautical miles. These guns will provide precision, high volume and persistent fire support to forces ashore with an approximate five-fold improvement in naval surface fire range.

In addition, DDG 1001 will be the second Navy surface combatant to employ the new Integrated Power System which will be capable of supporting the U.S. Navy’s railgun, a weapon which is slated to fire projectiles at speeds in excess of Mach 6.

Construction on the future USS Michael Monsoor commenced in March 2010, with the keel laying ceremony held in May 2013. The Michael Monsoor is 610 feet long, with a displacement of approximately 15,000 tons when fully loaded.

USS Zumwalt, the lead ship in the class started sea trials in December 2015.