Navantia signs platform design services contract with Australia

Spanish shipbuilder Navantia signed a new contract with the Australian Capabilty and Sustainement Group (CASG) to provide platform design services for Australian Navy vessels.

This contract will allow Navantia’s Australian division to provide engineering and technical assistance for the Australian amphibious assault ships and LLCs, which Navantia designed for Australia.

“It is a very relevant agreement for Navantia Australia’s interests, since it establishes a direct channel of provision of services with the Royal Australian Navy, that will permit to tighten relationships, and to open new opportunities to provide services fundamentally from Australia,” the company said.

Australia recently picked Navantia to design and construct two replenishment ships for the Royal Australian Navy. The two new replenishment vessels are expected to be introduced into service by the early 2020s replacing the replenishment oiler HMAS Success and the HMAS Sirius which carries fuel only.