Royal Netherlands Navy receives hybrid propulsion tugs

The Royal Netherlands Navy formally took delivery of three Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid tugs in an official handover ceremony at the Den Helder Naval Base.

The acquisition of the three Damen tugs is part of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s ongoing fleet renewal program. The hybrid vessels, named Noordzee, Waddenzee and Zuiderzee, can sail under diesel-direct, diesel-electric or fully-electric power.

In addition to providing an increase in ship handling capacity, the new vessels are also installed with hybrid propulsion systems.

According to Damen, these tugs have an increased fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions. The company said that the vessels can sail for up to one hour at a speed of 4 knots in fully-electric mode, producing zero emissions in the process.

When sailing under diesel power, the ASD 2810 Hybrid can store any electrical energy that is not immediately used in its battery pack. This can subsequently be used to sustain vessel operating systems or for use in electric sailing mode, the company added.

Packing a 60-tonne bollard pull, the new tugs are also more powerful than the Linge-class tugs they are replacing.

Now that the tugs are in active service, Damen Shipyards Den Helder will perform an ongoing maintenance programme of all three vessels. This is a notable fact because this task is normally undertaken by the Royal Netherlands Navy itself. This is the first time that Damen has been called upon for ongoing maintenance works for the Dutch Navy for an extended period.

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