Spanish frigate saves 220 in two rescue operations off Libya

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Spanish Navy frigate Reina Sofia saved 121 migrants on July 12 and another 120 just the day after.

The migrant rubber boats were spotted by the EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia air assets, the Luxemburg aircraft SW3 Merlin III and the Spanish VIGMA D-4.

According to EUNVAFOR, two pregnant women were among the migrants. Dangers of the Mediterranean Sea crossing do not seem to stop pregnant women from the undertaking as just a few days ago, a boy was born on board the German tender Werra before the ship could reach the Italian harbor where it was headed.

With this rescue, fifth since their integration into operation SOPHIA of last May 24, the crew of the Reina Sofia have directly rescued a total of 1,536 people, and cooperated in the rescue of additional 663 lives.

EUNAVFOR MED operation SOPHIA was launched on the 22nd of June 2015, and has entered its second phase last October 7th. Thus far the Operation has contributed to save more than 19,000 people including delivering 72 suspected smugglers to the Italian Authorities. Additionally, more than 190 vessels have been removed from illegal organizations’ availability.

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