General Dynamics, Rheinmetall agree 30-year decoy ammo supply to Canadian Navy

The Canadian government has signed a licence agreement with General Dynamics and Rheinmetall for the production of Omnitrap decoy ammunition for the Canadian Navy, German Rheinmetall disclosed.

Signed at the recent CANSEC show in May 2016 in Canada, the contract is worth a mid-range eight-figure euro amount over the course of its thirty-year lifetime and encompasses the supply of core components by Rheinmetall for Omnitrap decoy ammunition.

Rheinmetall further said it would provide technical assistance in setting up the assembly line at the General Dynamics facility in Repentigny, QC, where final assembly will take place.

In 2009 Rheinmetall won a contract to outfit twelve Canadian Halifax-class frigates with MASS, the Multi Ammunition Softkill System. The automated decoy system offers protection against incoming anti-ship missiles.

It can be installed on vessels of all types, whether in standalone mode or as an integral part of the ship’s command, control and weapon engagement system. MASS is already in service with the navies of 13 nations. Most Canadian frigates have been equipped with MASS systems along with a basic load of Omnitrap and MASS Dueras decoy ammunition.

In 2015 the Canadian government placed an order for 2,450 Omnitrap decoy rounds with Rheinmetall and General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems–Canada.

In the second quarter of 2016 Rheinmetall booked an order worth € 2.5 million. The newly signed agreement will continue this supply relationship as well as the support that both companies provide the Canadian government and PSPC (Public Service Procurement Canada) for the next 30 years.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems–Canada manufactures Rheinmetall 40mm LV and HV rounds under licence as well as parachute illumination rockets for the Canadian Forces.