Ukrainian Navy demonstrates air capabilities for Sea Breeze 2016

Ukrainian naval forces participated in the Sea Breeze 2016 air component demonstration at the Kulbakino Air Base in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, July 22.

The air component of the exercise is designed to showcase the air-based capabilities of the Ukrainian Naval forces and training conducted by allies and partners.

“The exercises are bringing together elements of the land and air components, and that training is allowing our partner nations the ability to provide safety, security, and stability operations in their regions.”, said U.S. Navy Cmdr. Ken Engle, U.S. Exercise Chief of Staff.

“What I like to see is the mission execution between our aircraft and Ukrainian aircraft with no fall-off in tactical situational awareness. Our main training goal is getting through the language barrier and getting data transferred between aircraft so we can share the tactical picture.”, said U.S. Navy Lt. Robert Johnson, Sea Breeze 2016 Air Tasking Officer

Ukrainian aircraft involved in the air demonstration included the Antonov An-26 tactical transport aircraft, MI-14 Haze anti-submarine warfare helicopter, KA-27 Helix search and rescue helicopter, and the Antonov An-2 support aircraft.

Ukrainian naval forces conducted a casualty medical evacuation, emergency resupply, special forces parachute insertion, and anti-submarine warfare detection formation flight.