US Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson passes INSURV V

The crew of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) has completed Phase V of the Board of Inspection and Survey Inspection (INSURV) which, once completed, testifies the ship is ready for operations.

Phase V of the tests was completed August 17 and consisted of inspection checks which entailed 354 checks on systems across the ship.

Senior Chief Machinist’s Mate Matthew Sembach, Carl Vinson’s INSURV assistant, said Phase V allows Team Vinson to show inspectors how well prepared they are.

“This phase consisted of the bulk of our inspection checks,” said Sembach. “We showed the INSURV team how well we know our equipment and ship.”

As Carl Vinson continues deployment preparations, Sembach said INSURV matters because it shows America that Carl Vinson is ready for whatever tasks arise.

“A successful INSURV ensures the ship is still effective in its ability to operate and support the war on terror as designed,” said Sembach. “It also reassures the country that when the time comes, we can answer the nation’s call.”

INSURV, established by Congress in 1882, is a thorough inspection that examines ships against Navy standards to determine readiness in a myriad of areas.