Spanish Navy deploys OPV Arnomendi to NAFO mission

Spanish Navy offshore patrol vessel (OPV) Arnomendi (P-63) has set sail from Ferrol, Spain towards Newfoundland waters, Canada to participate in the 2016 protection campaign of NAFO (North-West Atlantic Fisheries Organization) fishing grounds.

The Spanish Navy participates in this seasonal campaign providing naval assets to the European Union to monitor and control the trawlers fishing in the area, in order to warrant the conservation and protection of fishery resources.

NAFO is an intergovernmental fisheries science and management body. It was founded in 1979 as a successor to ICNAF (International Commission of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries) (1949-1978) with an overall objective to contribute through consultation and cooperation to the optimum utilization, rational management and conservation of the fishery resources of the NAFO Convention Area.

The P-63 Arnomendi was built in Vigo, Spain in 2000. With a crew of 37 people plus a medical doctor, the patrol boat belongs to the Maritime Action Force and is currently under command of Lt-Cdr. Rafael Fernando Aguirre. For this specific campaign, 4 inspectors and coordinators from the European Fisheries Control Agency have also embarked.