USS Albany changes command

Cmdr. Roy L. Wilson, Jr. relieved Cmdr. Robert Landis as commanding officer of the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Albany (SSN 753), August 26, 2016 during a change of command ceremony held at the Vista Point Conference Center, onboard Naval Station Norfolk.

Landis assumed command of Albany in February 2014 and, following the change of command, will retire after 20 years of honorable naval service.

“I learned that it is important to trust your people to provide recommendations and solutions to problems that come up rather than trying to solve all of them by yourself,” said Landis. “I credit whatever success I have achieved to everyone who has worked for me and provided solutions, recommendations and results.”

During his remarks, Landis recognized those who have had the biggest impact in shaping his career, his family, friends and shipmates past and present and thanked them for the years of education, mentorship and support.

Former Squadron Six Commodore, Capt. (Ret) Paul Snodgrass, was the feature speaker and presided over the event, lauded Landis for his consummate professionalism, submarining expertise, and presence and leadership on the Norfolk waterfront.

“I was fortunate to have Commander Landis as one of my COs in squadron six when I was Commodore,” said Snodgrass. “He was personally involved in developing his officers and sailors as leaders, and this will be the legacy he passes on to our great submarine force. Albany crewmembers are warriors, mariners, and ready to fight our current and future enemies. This is the Landis legacy.”

Landis, who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1996, has served on USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) (Gold), USS Albany (SSN 753) as the Weapons Officer, USS Montpelier (SSN 765) and, in 2014, rejoined USS Albany (SSN 753) as the Commanding Officer.

“I want to welcome Albany’s incoming Commanding Officer, Commander Roy Wilson,” said Snodgrass. “Commander, you have been a top performer throughout your career and you are ready for this new chapter in your mission to develop our next generation of submarine leaders.”

Wilson reports to Albany from Chief of Naval Operations Assessment Division where he served as the Integration Section Head within the Force Structure and Integration Branch where he provided senior leaders with budgetary recommendations base on rigorous analytics. Additionally, Wilson is a master’s graduate of the University of Florida’s Executive Program in Business Administration.

“To my new team on Albany, I look forward to serving as your Captain and giving you my best,” said Wilson after becoming the 12th commanding officer in Albany’s history. “In the submarine force, because of our submarine’s endurance and stealth, we have a saying which is dear to our hearts, “First In, Last Out!” “First In” to the battle because we can quickly and stealthily get where other ships cannot and remain there undetected and without the need to refuel we can stay as long as the nation needs us to get the mission done, therefore “Last Out.”