MBDA to supply a coastal defence system for Qatari Navy

European missile developer MBDA signed a contract with the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces (QENF) for the supply of a coastal defense system to the Middle East country.

According to MBDA, the coastal missile system will deploy two different munitions, Marte ER (the Extended Range version of the Marte missile) and Exocet MM40 Block 3.

The company further said the system would be able to work in autonomous mode with its own radar, or alternatively by data-linking to a higher level within a wider coastal surveillance network. The supply of these coastal missile systems will allow the QENF to prevent hostile ships from reaching and threatening their territorial waters.

Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, commented: “The contract follows the one signed with the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces last June to supply the new naval vessels recently procured from Fincantieri with MBDA missiles.”

Qatar will acquire a total of seven surface vessels from Fincantieri under a 3.9 billion euro contract which followed the Letter of Award signed in Rome on June 16 within the framework of a government to government agreement signed between the Ministry of Defence of Italy and that of Qatar.

That contract will see MBDA deliver Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missiles as well as Aster 30 Block 1 and VL MICA air defense missiles for the Qatari Navy vessels.