USS Fort Worth reaches Guam on way back home

USS Fort Worth (LCS 3), the U.S. Navy littoral combat which had undergone repairs in Singapore after suffering a breakdown, reached Guam on September 6 during her return to the San Diego homeport.

By entering Guam, USS Fort Worth sailors completed the longest leg of their transit back home since departing Singapore in August. While in Guam, the ship will receive fuel, maintenance parts and stores to continue her journey home.

“We are just about one third of the way through the transit home,” said Cmdr. Michael Brasseur, commanding officer, USS Fort Worth. “Our warship is performing very well and our stop in Guam is a valuable opportunity to get the parts and fuel we need to continue our journey to San Diego.”

The port visit to Guam marks the third such stop for Fort Worth while on her transit across the Pacific. Prior to arriving in Guam, Fort Worth made port visits in the Philippines and Malaysia.

To remind, Fort Worth experienced an engineering casualty to the ship’s combining gears in January after what the Navy termed as failure to follow procedures during an operational test of the port and starboard main propulsion diesel engines. The ship was sidelined in Singapore while the ship’s commander was let go.