NATO ships arrive to Canada for exercise Cutlass Furry

Several NATO ships arrived at Naval Base Halifax on September 8 to take part in the Canadian Navy-hosted anti-submarine warfare drill Cutlass Fury.

Canadian Navy ships Fredericton, Athabaskan, Summerside, Montreal, Goose Bay and Windsor will participate in the exercise with ships from the U.S. Navy, Royal Navy and Spanish and German Navy.

Cutlass Furry, running from September 9 to 26 will involve Task Group-level exercises with a particular focus on joint maritime tactical warfare in a multi-threat environment. The exercise will focus on anti-submarine warfare, air defense, amphibious operations and joint operations.

A total of 11 ships, three submarines and 26 aircraft with some 3000 personnel overall will be involved in this exercise led by Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) .