Photo: US Navy Ohio class submarine launches Trident II D5 missile off Florida

The U.S. Navy has recently shared photos of its Ohio class ballistic missile submarine USS Maryland  launching a Trident II D5 missile in the Eastern Test Range off the coast of Florida.

The Demonstration and Shakedown Operation with the missile launch was conducted with the Strategic Systems Programs on August 31.

Designated DASO-27, the operation marked the 161st successful test flights of the Trident II D5 missile. The U.S. Navy said the primary objective of a DASO is to evaluate and demonstrate the readiness of a SSBN’s strategic weapon system and crew before operational deployment following its midlife refueling overhaul.

The missile was unarmed however with the safety of the public in mind and the launch was conducted from the sea, flew over the sea and landed in the sea. At no time did the missiles fly over land.