Canadian frigate boards merchant vessel in the Mediteranean

Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Charlottetown, currently part of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2, recently conducted a cooperative boarding on the Togolese flag merchant vessel (MV) Byblos as part of NATO’s counter-terrorism Operation Active Endeavour.

HMCS Charlottetown (FFH 339) conducted this cooperative boarding for cargo and documentation verification during its operations in international waters of the Mediterranean.

The operation received consent from the MV flag-state and the master of MV Byblos. The boarding team received support from the ship’s CH-124 Sea King helicopter. Their arrival on board MV Byblos was well received, with support and assistance from the crew. Once it was confirmed that cargo and documentation were in order, the merchant vessel continued to its destination port.

“These actions demonstrate a team effort, involving the strategic, operational and tactical levels of the Alliance. They are the result of the ongoing planning and training done by NATO maritime forces,” said Vice Admiral Bruno Paulmier, Deputy Commander of the Allied Maritime Command.