Cohort plc subsidiary joins British Sonar 2050 Technology Refresh program for Type 23 frigates

Ultra Electronics has awarded Cohort plc’s subsidiary SEA a £2 ($2.6) million contract to supply transducers for the Royal Navy’s Sonar 2050 Technology Refresh program (S2050TR) to upgrade Type 23 frigates.

Back in December 2014, the Royal Navy awarded a £27m contract to Ultra Electronics’ Sonar Systems business for the delivery of new hull mounted sonars for the Royal Navy’s eight Type-23 frigates.

SEA hopes the five-year contract with Ultra will provide the company with an opportunity to join the Type 26 Global Combat Ship program.

The £2 million contract, comprising eight ship sets, will support the replacement of the Sonar 2050 systems on the RN’s current Type 23 frigates. SEA will upgrade its established Tonpilz Transducer design to produce a new unit that will meet Ultra’s requirements to fit its novel Digital Array Module design.

SEA Managing Director Steve Hill said: “This significant contract with Ultra is the start of an exciting few years for SEA and it will demonstrate our continued ability to support the Royal Navy T23 frigates. In addition, the agreement is important in helping us to play a role in the future RN programmes, besides supporting Ultra’s sonar capability for a growing global market.”