New FREMM frigate for French Navy launched in Lorient

French shipbuilder DCNS has launched Bretagne, the French Navy’s fifth FREMM multi purpose frigate.

The September 16 float out is an important achievement for DCNS as it shows that the shipbuilder is capable of delivering six of the frigates to the French Navy by 2019, the company said.

Apart from France, the shipbuilder’s customers for the frigate include the Royal Moroccan and Egyptian Navy. Morocco received Mohammed VI in January 2014 while Egypt received Tahya Misr in June 2015.

Designed jointly by Fincantieri and DCNS, the multi-purpose frigates were intended for the navies of Italy and France.

Based on the first ships in the class, France refers to the frigates as Aquitaine class while Italy refers to them as the Bergamini class. Italy will eventually operate six general purpose variants and four anti-submarine variants. France will have six anti-submarine variants, and two air-defense variants.

DCNS currently has three frigates and one Gowind corvette under construction and at different completion stages at the DCNS site of Lorient. FREMM Auvergne will start sea trials at the end of September 2016, Bretagne was floated September 16 while Normandie is ready for assembly.