Royal Navy aircraft carrier builders want to honor all workers involved in project

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), a partnering relationship between the British industry and the UK Ministry of Defence in charge of constructing the Royal Navy’s largest ships ever built – Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, is planning to honor all workers involved in the project.

Dubbed the ‘Spirit of the Alliance’, the effort is aimed at displaying the name of each worker in a location on board HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales for the next 50 years.

“These nameplates will be a permanent tribute to the men and women who have been involved in this national endeavour. Wherever these flagships sail they will bear testament to the pride everyone has taken in delivering nation’s flagships,” the alliance said.

The fact that the number of people who have worked on the project goes into the tens of thousands would not deter the alliance from capturing all the names, it was further noted.

So, if you have worked on the program for at least 12 months since the year 2000 send an email to [email protected] stating your start date (month and year), finish date (month & year), parent company, lock or staff No. and supervisors name and get your own plate somewhere on one of the ships.