US Secretary of Defense visits USS Carl Vinson

U.S. Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) hosted Defense Secretary Ash Carter in its homeport of San Diego, September 29.

During the visit, Carter delivered a speech on the flight deck about the future of the rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region and ongoing security challenges there.

“We in the United States are finding more and more every day that nations in the Asia-Pacific region see future opportunities to improve their militaries and their security,” said Carter. “They’re increasingly coming to us to partner.”

Carter thanked the crew for their service and noted the impact they will have on events around the world with their upcoming deployment in 2017.

“You, and your fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will solidify the rebalance and you will make [the rebalance] work,” said Carter. “You will help the Asia-Pacific region, once again the most consequential region for America’s future, realize a principled, peaceful and prosperous future, and play the role only America can play.”

Carl Vinson is currently pierside in its homeport of San Diego where it has received more than $300 million worth of improvements in 2015. The ship is cureently preparing for an upcoming deployment and its crew has recently completed INSURV which, once completed, testifies the ship is ready for operations.