Canada sends three ships to operation Caribbe

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Brandon, Edmonton and Kingston are set to join operation Caribbe, Canada’s contribution to the multinational campaign against illicit trafficking by transnational criminal organizations in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Caribbean.

HMCS Brandon and Edmonton departed Esquimalt, B.C. on October 6 while HMCS Kingston is planned to depart Halifax on October 7 to conduct operations in the Caribbean area of operations.

Following readiness training at-sea, the ships will formally join the operation in the coming days.

The Canadian Navy hopes this deployment will build upon the success of HMC Ships Moncton, Summerside, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Vancouver, which so far in 2016 have seized and disrupted a total of approximately 2,930 kg of cocaine and 1,520 kg of marijuana while working with the United States Coast Guard and embedded Law Enforcement Detachments.

“One of the Royal Canadian Navy’s most fundamental responsibilities is protecting and maintaining maritime security at home and abroad. We are committed to working with our partners who share our common values and goals in promoting regional stability while supressing criminal activity at sea. operation Caribbe builds upon and strengthens existing relationships and this is what enables our sailors to continue their success during this operation now and well into the future,” said Rear-Admiral Art McDonald, Commander, Maritime Forces Pacific.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have conducted Operation Caribbe since November 2006.