Update: Fire outbreak will not affect Brandenburg’s training schedule

The German Navy said October 10 that the fire which broke out on FGS Brandenburg earlier would not affect its training schedule.

According to the navy, the F123 frigate will be able to take part in the Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) which is taking place in Britain at the end of October. FOST is an important step in operational training and certification.

FOST is based out of naval bases in the United Kingdom and delivers operational training across all disciplines for the Royal Navy and other navies that wish to make use of its services.

To remind, a fire broke out on FGS Brandenburg while the ship was in the Baltic Sea. According to the German Navy, the fire was located in the starboard funnel area and was extinguished by the ship’s crew.

It took the crew 15 minutes to bring the fire under control and no one was hurt in the process, the navy wrote. However, a part of the ship’s propulsion plant was damaged and could not be used.

The navy did not provide specific information on the extent and cost of damage.

Brandenburg sailed into naval base Kiel under its own power where it is currently undergoing damage assessment and repair works.