Canadian frigate visits Singapore during Westploy 16

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Vancouver arrived in Singapore October 11 for a goodwill visit as part of Westploy 16.

Westploy 16 is HMCS Vancouver’s deployment aimed at building ties between the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the navies of Asia-Pacific countries.

Since departing its home port of Esquimalt, British Columbia, in June, HMCS Vancouver has operated extensively throughout the Pacific region, including participation in RIMPAC and Kakadu.

This deployment allows HMCS Vancouver, along with an embarked CH-124 Sea King helicopter and air detachment, to test and evolve the warfighting capabilities of the Halifax-Class warships after upgrades to equipment that were made as part of the Halifax-Class Modernization/Frigate Life Extension project.

Commodore Jeff Zwick, Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific, said: “During this visit, HMCS Vancouver will continue Canada’s defence dialogue with Singapore and undertake outreach projects that cultivate goodwill between our nations. As the ship carries on conducting operations in the Pacific, she will foster increased relations and inter-operability among nations including Australia, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

“Throughout WESTPLOY 16, she will serve as an excellent ambassador for Canada by showcasing both the professionalism of the Royal Canadian Navy personnel as well as demonstrating the enhanced capabilities of our Post-Halifax-Class-Modernization Warships, while conducting realistic and essential training for her more than 200 sailors.”