Euronaval 2016: DCNS presents new SMX®3.0 submarine concept

French shipbuilder DCNS has unveiled its new submarine concept ship SMX®3.0 at Euronaval which is being held in Paris, France.

Available from 2025, the submarine will feature on board 3.0 technologies, better power management and improved data systems, DCNS said.

According to the company, the submarine will displace 3,000 tonnes and feature a versatile vertical launch system which can be used for launching both drones and missiles.

The SMX®3.0 will also have greater capacities for countering cyber-threats, better acoustic discretion and improved sensor performance.

Through this concept ship, DCNS is offering the AIP FC2G (Air Independent Propulsion Fuel Cell Second Generation) anaerobic propulsion system. The company further said the complete shore-based system is currently being industrialised.

The second generation AIP propulsion system produces hydrogen from diesel fuel by hydrocarbon reforming as required, overcoming the need to store hydrogen on board the submarine. According to DCNS, this technology increases submerged endurance to three weeks.