US, Royal Navy legal officers discuss carrier operations at HMS Excellent

Senior lawyers from the US Navy and the Royal Navy met at the stone frigate HMS Excellent for formal joint talks concerning aircraft carrier operations.

With the Royal Navy on the cusp of returning to ‘big deck’ aircraft carrier operations when HMS Queen Elizabeth joins the fleet next year, it is keen to learn about how the US Navy approaches all the complex legal issues associated with operating a carrier strike group – from advising on rules of engagement through to compliance with international treaties on the law of the sea.

“Our American partners lead the world in carrier strike group operations. So we are delighted to be working with the US Navy JAG to help maximise our legal readiness in support of our nation’s return to carrier strike” said Commodore Andrew Jameson OBE RN, Commodore Naval Legal Services, who hosted the talks at HMS Excellent.

His American counterpart, Vice Admiral James Crawford III, can call on 1200 lawyers – based in the US, deployed at sea including on carriers, or in one of 98 offices around the globe.

“The U.S. Navy JAG Corps welcomes this opportunity to increase collaboration with the Royal Navy as our respective Navies continue working together as partners to maintain readiness and security across the globe,” said Vice Admiral Crawford.

“The work we are doing with our Royal Navy counterparts is an important step in increasing our Navies’ interoperability, and we look forward to further cooperation.”