DSME launches second Chang Bogo-class submarine for Indonesia

South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) launched the second of three Chang Bogo-class submarines for the Indonesian Navy.

Launched on Monday, October 24, the submarine is part of US$1.1 billion deal signed in 2011.

The Indonesian submarines are variants of the German Type 209 submarine which is built by DSME under a licensing agreement with Germany.

The first submarine was launched earlier in March this year. Submarines one and two are expected to be delivered to Indonesia in March and October next year while the third submarine is to be built by Indonesian shipbuilder PT PAL in Surabaya.

With a length of 61 meters, Indonesian Chang Bogo-class submarines displace 1,400 tonnes and accommodate 40 crew. According to DSME, they can travel 10,000 nautical miles without making a port call.