Operation Atalanta flagship restocks in Seychelles

The Royal Netherlands Navy frigate HNLMS Tromp recently took a short break from her counter-piracy patrols with a port visit to the Seychelles where she carried out routine maintenance and restocked with food and other essential goods.

HNLMS Tromp sailors took the opportunity to conduct training exercises with the local Seychellois coastguard during the visit.

The aim of the training was to hone skills related to law enforcement, with a special focus on how to search for and apprehend suspect persons who have got on board a vessel, and to prevent them becoming a danger to the crew and themselves.

The search and apprehend training, which took place on the flight deck of HNLMS Tromp, was provided by Dutch Royal Marines from the ‘Enhanced Boarding Element’ of HNLMS Tromp.

Operation Atalanta crews train regional maritime forces on a regular basis with the aim of strengthening their maritime security skills so they can contribute to the continued suppression of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

At the end of the port-visit, HNLMS Tromp returned to her duties, deterring and disrupting piracy off the Somali coast.